Xxclusive Lease

Single Track, Xxclusive Lease™!

When you need to expand your audience reach and make a different impact.

Single Track Leasing Options

The simplest leasing options available. Just browse the instrumental shop and choose a license on the beat page to proceed to checkout.

Xxclusive Lease™

per unit
  • Rights Retained
  • Negotiable Rights
  • Negotiable Splits
  • Limit. Commercial Use
  • 192Kbps + MP3
  • WAV Delivery *
  • Beat Track Out
  • Paid Distributions: 100k
  • Audio Streams: 1 Mil
  • Video Streams: 350k
  • Broadcast/Sync
  • Radio Stations: 3
  • Paid Performances: 10
  • Non Profit Perf.
  • Intro Tag Required
  • Offer Free Downloads

More Leasing Options

Looking for something else? Maybe just a lease usable for Soundcloud or a small Youtube? Check out more licensing options that are available.

Bulk Licensing

Looking for a dedicated sound for your next project? Check out the bulk license options that provide you with a large quantity of tracks.

Subscription Options

Subscribe for monthly recurring billing, giving you unlimited access to a set amount of new tracks as they're released. Get first dibs!

Broadcast Licensing

For commercial opportunities involving radio distribution, scores and background music for film and other "mainstream" sectors.

Every Track, Guaranteed

Always expect a different sound quality in the music, along with a few other certains.

24 Hour Refunds

Every license, every instrumental qualifies!

192Kbps MP3's

Fully sequenced, record-ready music.

Simple Checkout

Ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Customer Service

Covering all questions Monday through Sunday

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