Open Download Agreement

Know your rights and limits when grabbing "free" downloads

Open downloads offered by xxcino! are great for new musicians and artists with a limited instrumental or sound library.

Open or "Free" Instrumental Downloads

You can also send a request to download a track if a particular instrumental isn’t listed as an Open Download. Send a request here.

Open Download

  • Rights Retained
  • No Public Use
  • No Commercial Use
  • No Splits Included
  • 192Kbps + MP3
  • WAV Delivery
  • Beat Track Out
  • Paid Distributions
  • Audio Streams
  • Video Streams
  • Broadcast/Sync
  • Radio Stations
  • Paid Performances
  • Non Profit Perf.
  • Tags Required
  • Offer Free Downloads

Basic Leasing Options

Want to release music on Soundcloud? Spotify? Youtube? These options are best for getting your music distributed and heard.

Bulk Licensing

Looking for a dedicated sound for your next project? Check out the bulk license options that provide you with a large quantity of tracks.

Subscription Options

Subscribe for monthly recurring billing, giving you unlimited access to a set amount of new tracks as they're released. Get first dibs!

Broadcast Licensing

For commercial opportunities involving radio distribution, scores and background music for film and other "mainstream" sectors.

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