Bulk Licensing

Need A Large Amount Of Recording Content?

Best use of a bulk license is for musicians, labels or content providers that release a high volume of content with sound involved.

Bulk Licensing Options

Get bulk licensing when you need a large amount of tracks to record on. Sign up, verify your contact details, receive access to as many beats as you need! All bulk options come with an Xxclusive Lease™ applied to each track.

Bulk 10

25% Off

Max 10 Instrumentals

Bulk 30

50% Off

Max 30 Instrumentals

Bulk Plus

Contact Now!

Need More? Inquire Now

Xxclusive Lease™ Terms

  • Rights Retained
  • Negotiable Rights
  • Negotiable Splits
  • Limit. Commercial Use
  • 192Kbps + MP3
  • WAV Delivery *
  • Beat Track Out
  • Paid Distributions: 100k
  • Audio Streams: 1 Mil
  • Video Streams: 350k
  • Broadcast/Sync
  • Radio Stations: 3
  • Paid Performances: 10
  • Non Profit Perf.
  • Intro Tag Required
  • Offer Free Downloads

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Bulk Licensing

Looking for a dedicated sound for your next project? Check out the bulk license options that provide you with a large quantity of tracks.

Subscription Options

Subscribe for monthly recurring billing, giving you unlimited access to a set amount of new tracks as they're released. Get first dibs!

Broadcast Licensing

For commercial opportunities involving radio distribution, scores and background music for film and other "mainstream" sectors.

How Do I Get A Bulk License?

Want to learn more on how to get Bulk licensing applied to your music? Information coming soon!

Begin With Purchasing A Bulk License Package

Select the bulk package that best suits your interest and from the available options. Once complete, you'll receive an email with a one time, unique download code. Hold on to this as you'll need it later on.

Choose Which Instrumentals You Want To Lease

Each instrumental page contains playlists with categorized tracks, giving you quick access to full libraries. Once you've successfully added the number of beats to your cart, corresponding to your bulk package size, proceed to checkout!

Enter Your Download Code In At Checkout

At checkout, you'll be given the opportunity to input your download code that received earlier. Once your code is applied and your purchase is confirmed, you'll receive a new email containing your tracks.

Enjoy Creating Music!

Get started right away after you receive your confirmation. Contracts will be delivered by email within 72 hours for each instrumental. Your download code is good for reuse for life as long as you decide to use it!

Every Track, Guaranteed

Always expect a different sound quality in the music, along with a few other extras.

24 Hour Refunds

Every license, every instrumental qualifies!

192Kbps MP3's

Fully sequenced, record-ready music.

Simple Checkout

Ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Customer Service

Covering all questions Monday through Sunday

Get Your Xxclusive Track Today!

Are you a musician? Ready to get your music heard? Check out the instrumentals from xxcino™. Do you record in some of the hottest music genres, such as hip-hop, rap, trap & edm, pop music and other urban music styles? Do you need instrumentals and sounds for your youtube videos, scores for film or other commercial ventures? Get started today with a wide range of diverse music and instrumentals now!